This is Ninali

From a young age, Ninali has been fascinated by music and started singing and writing songs when she was a teenager. At just 18 in 2011, she signed with an indie label and released her first single “Lovedrunk” in Belgium, which was played on multiple radio stations around he country. It appeared on a compilation album from Radio 2 - one of the biggest Belgian radio stations. The following year, she released the breezy pop song “Millionaire”, which reached number 34 in the Ultratrip charts in Belgium. She has performed at multiple venues, including as an opening act for a few local bands in Belgium and has done various performances in Rotterdam during her studies. Ninali’s songs are characterized by a fusion of hyper melodic sultry pop sounds, jazzy vibes and RnB influences. After a long hiatus where she traveled the world, found love and inspiration, Ninali is back with even more energy and passion to pursue her music career.She currently resides in Spain writing songs and studying music production. In November 2022, Ninali released her new single “Tokyo”, taking you on a journey to the Neon Lights of the iconic Japanese capital. On February 2023 she released her second single Smooth. >> For business enquiries please email ninalisounds[at]gmail[dot]com